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Let’s change how we make energy!

With the rise in popularity of alternating current, fuel generators have become a necessity for certain areas. The loud and polluting machines emit carbon emissions which are harmful to both human health as well an environmental one depending on how you use them; but with renewable energies such solar power or wind becoming more popular than ever before-this will soon change! New technology has come about that allows us not only generate our own electric needs without relying upon dirty technologies like coal fired plants (which contribute heavily towards climate change), but also store up energy from these sources so they can be accessed anytime we need some extra juice.

Mean Well has announced two new inverter NTS/NTU series and charger NPB series. The devices are not only ideal for areas without ac, but they can also serve as a primary UPS backup power supply to improve the overall system's stability!

The NTS/NTU series is a pure sine wave inverter that can save energy and protect your home from over-charging. The AC output voltage, frequency of power as well as various sockets to choose from ensure this device has everything you need! It also provides undervoltage protection so it won't damage the battery when plugged into an outlet too hard or quickly - perfect for those who want more than just lights & TVs running off their batteries alone.

The NTS/NTU newest models can safely be used in your household to power your everyday use appliances, in a smart security system or even in your camper.

Should you need further information on these new MeanWell Inverters models, contact us today!

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